Have you ever had any issues stretching your ears?

We know stretching your ears do not always go perfectly.  Please share your story on what went wrong so others do not do the same.
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I have an issue witg certain types of pulgs veing rejected by my ears. Also issues with them shrinking when i take them out while sick.

Elizabeth Dill

In the beginning stages of stretching I learned that I could not use silicone plugs. Idk if I’m allergic or what, but every time I use them my ears become infected.


I left my gauges out for a couple of days and they shrunk, I was at almost 1/2 inch. Now I have to start over at 2mm and it’s just frustrating don’t take them out unless you are positive you want smaller holes.


I was sizing up 11/16 in to 3/4 in and it was going just fine for about 2 weeks. And then all of a sudden my right ear got so swollen and painful so I sized down to 1/2in. I was so mad, I lost over a year of progress. Thankfully after my ear healed sizing back up was fine, but at the time I was devastated.

Haley D.

I wanted to size up from 0 to 00 but I had to go up half a size first, but the earrings I bought were too big and hurt. I decided to make my own custom spirals out of clay and then make another pair for when I went up to 00. It’s almost time to make some more.


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