What is your advice on how to keep your stretched ears from getting infected?

Make sure you take your time and do things correctly while stretching your ears.  Please let us know your best advice on how you kept your ears from getting infected while stretching your ears.

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  • Sidsel

    I air my ears out at least an hour every day. Really helps with moisture and the smell

  • Nina Bolen

    Go slow and always keep them clean. Make sure to take your gauges out and clean them often

  • Stephanie

    Don’t rush stretching, wait until they are fully healed before going up a size, use neosporin as lube, use wood or glass plugs, and always keep them clean.

  • Julia

    Stretch with stretching balm and clean them daily. After shower, dry them and massage with jojoba oil. Ive never had any problems with mine!

  • A-Mo

    Go slowly to stretch. If there is stinging or prolonged pain, you are going to fast, and the skin will tear. You want your skin to slowly stretch and rebound to eliminate blow-outs, or puckered out earhole edges that pop out of your larger gauged jewelry. My favorite way to stretch is with single flared glass jewelry and inexpensive plumbers tape. Wrap the plug slowly to increase the size. When your ear has settled into the size, increase again. Change to larger jewelry once the hole is large enough to accomodate it.

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