What is your advice on how to keep your stretched ears from getting infected?

Make sure you take your time and do things correctly while stretching your ears.  Please let us know your best advice on how you kept your ears from getting infected while stretching your ears.

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If you take your time and really size up slowly you should never actually have an opening in the hole! If there’s never broken skin you should not have to worry about infection. Pretty much every complication stretched ears can calls can be avoided by taking your time!


Always clean jewelry with alcohol before putting them in your ears. Always wash your hands before taking anything in or out. If you think it might get infected, soak or spray your ears with salt water. Never hydrogen peroxide. Take your sizing up slowly and day by day to avoid a blow out.


Everybody’s ears are different but the best advice I can give is
1. Stretch slowly
2. Clean lobes regularly with salt water
3.Clean jewelry regularly
4. Stretch with lubricant

Robert Hunter

I always clean my jewelry before putting them in and I wash my ears with saline solution everyday and follow it up with a vitamin e oil massage to keep them nice and moisturized (:


I always use neosporin when I stretch. It works as a lube and just incase you have any tearing.


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