Why did you want to stretch your ears?

why did you want to stretch your ears
There was a point where we all made the decision.  We would love to hear your story on why you first wanted to stretch your ears.
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Actually it was a complete accident ? I have awful depth perception (terrible at compairing sizes), and when I decided I wanted those cool half-hoop Morbid Metals, I didn’t know what size I was currently at, so I just grabbed a pair that looked like it would fit, but it ended up being two sizes bigger HAHA. Oops.


I started stretching my ears about 8 months after I decided I would like the look and did lots of research. The reason? I was wearing some flat round silver stud earrings that made me look kinda cool and butch and i thought it would look even better if I had an even amount of earlobe skin all the way around the disc haha. After research ofc I got a lot more interested in the community and the process of stretching. Initially I started because I just liked the aesthetic, but ultimately I decided it was right for me based on the patience and committment I would be required to practice throughout the process. It helps me slow down and appreciate the moment instead of waiting for my next opportunity of instant gratification.

Olie A

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