Obsidian Plugs and Tunnels

Obsidian Plugs for your Stretched Ears

Ready to plunge into the shadows?  Step into the darkness with Obsidian Plugs from Two Feather Plugs – your ticket to a world where your stretched ears embrace the edgy allure of obsidian.

Imagine your stretched ears shrouded in the deepest black, like a mysterious cloak for your ears.  Obsidian plugs aren't just accessories; they're the gatekeepers of your style, adding a touch of dark magic to your stretched ear saga.

But this isn't just about aesthetics; it's about making a statement.  Obsidian is like the midnight sky, and these plugs?  They're your personal stars, flickering with an intensity that demands attention.  These aren't just just plugs; they are a proclamation of individuality.

Comfortable Obsidian Plugs

Now, let's talk comfort.  Because even in the realm of darkness, your stretched ears deserve the royal treatment. Two Feather Plugs knows the game, and these obsidian plugs? They're like a snug embrace for your ears.  No compromises on comfort, even in the shadows.

But hold on – our obsidian plugs aren't just for show.  They're your accomplices in versatility.  Whether you're prowling the night or keeping it low-key during the day, they're the go-to partners for your whatever you do endeavors.  Simple outfits or full-on gothic glam – these obsidian gauged plugs play the chameleon.

Why buy obsidian plugs from Two Feather Plugs?

So, why embrace obsidian plugs from Two Feather Plugs?  Because it's like giving your lobes a taste of the forbidden fruit. They're not just plugs; they're your key to the dark side. When you choose obsidian, you're not just buying jewelry; you're adopting a lifestyle where darkness is not just a color but a statement.  Grab those obsidian plugs and let your stretched ears become the rebels they were meant to be!

Please feel free to contact us at twofeatherinfo@gmail if you have any questions about our obsidian plugs.