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Do you prefer plugs, hangers, tunnels, tapers, or weights?

Do you prefer plugs, hangers, tunnels, tapers, or weights?

Some people like plugs and some enjoy hangers.  A lot of people love them all.  Which type is your favorite and why?
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  • I alternate between plugs and tunnels. I like tunnels for showing the space, and plugs for the variety of designs and aesthetics available.

    - John Lifsey
  • I prefer plugs and hangers

    - Sarah Stafford
  • Tunnels are always my favorite! The reason i stretched my ears in the first place was because i loved the look of being able to see though the ear! Something about it is just really cool to me. Tunnels i think will always be my favorite, especially silicone ones! (:

    - Seneca N
  • I prefer hangers. The more ornate the better!

    - Erin
  • At first I wanted nothing but tunnels! I wanted to be able to see through them. Didn’t last too long once I started seeing what all was out there haha.
    I used tapers for stretching, but I can’t imagine people actually wearing them as jewelry! They’re so uncomfortable and bad for long term wear.
    I haven’t got to use any bone yet, really want to tho.
    I also haven’t used hangers. I’m debating honestly, my ears are supper stretchy as it is, and I don’t want to go any bigger because I want this size, and I have about 60 pairs in this size!! I love my collection so far!! I’ve seen many hangers I would love to wear, but they’ll make my ears stretch more won’t they? Unless I wear them a short time, and that kind sucks, or leave them empty a bit to tighten up a little. I’m torn haha I don’t know what to do.
    I’ve used everything else tho. I love stone and glass, there’s just so much variety it’s amazing!!
    I’m super excited to order the square wood tunnels, I think they would look so cool!!!

    - Kristin Owens

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