Do you think you will still like your ears stretched when you are 50 years old?

I know I won't.  I only have 9 more years.  What do you think though?  Do you think you will have any regrets?  Why do you think people ask us this?
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  • Ellen

    Am 53 with 2 stretched ears :-D

  • Heather

    Im now 35 and strated streaching my ears in high school. Ill always have my stretched ears and facial piercing. They are part of me at this point.

  • Reyna

    Yes!! Ive always had a fascination with stretched ears which is why i did it. The only problem is…should i go bigger??

  • Elizabeth Pruitt

    I’m turning 25 this Tuesday! I hope I’m still in love with the fun and style of stretched ears when I double that

  • Gina Phillips

    No regrets! If I change my mind however, they can always be sewn up.

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