Do you think you will still like your ears stretched when you are 50 years old?

I know I won't.  I only have 9 more years.  What do you think though?  Do you think you will have any regrets?  Why do you think people ask us this?
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  • Elise

    Of course I will. I love them.

  • Jennifer

    I will always love me stretched ears… why wouldn’t I love them when I’m 50??? They are awesome!!!

  • Jessie

    Of course I’ll still be stretched. I can’t wear normal earrings anyway so why let them go back. lol

  • Adam

    For my 50th birthday this year I gave myself four more mm and a whole new set of 1/2 inch plugs!

  • Rachel belcher

    I will absolutely love it lol I’m only 10 yrs away 👀😂

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