If you were to give advice to someone just starting to stretch their ears, what would it be

I wish I had advice from others when I first started stretching my ears.  Here is the chance for you to give others some advice.
If you were to give advice to someone just starting to stretch their ears, what would it be?

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Take your time. Keep them clean and moisturized. When you go to stretch, if it hurts it’s too soon! I had a few buddies tell me how bad it hurt going up a size and they were right. My first time was VERY painful! Then the next jump I was so hesitant I waited longer than what everyone said. When I went to jump up it didn’t even hurt at all cause my ears were actually stretched. So have patience and be hygienic! And when you get to about a 2g, start to invest in rubber or silicone tunnels. Way more comfortable to sleep in! Patience and hygiene is key!

Justin Welch

First off I’d tell you to follow the rules of stretching your ears. I never did and went straight to a size 8 than to a size 2 and then 0 to 00. I’d do this in the shower but once your out and dried off your ears burn and you can even move your plugs! Extremely painful and healing takes so long! Definitely wouldn’t recommend doing it the way I did. Follow the rules of stretching/gauging your ears..

Ashley Voss

Wear soft plugs to bed. I can wear my stone or steel plugs to bed, but every now and then something happens, maybe i slepted on that ear weird or knocked it in my sleep, but id wake up with an angry lobe. Never happens with a silicone tunnel tho!


Using the tape method to stretch is by far the best method in my experience. Stretching over a period of time, one tape layer at a time, is the safest way to gauge up.


I use Tea Tree oil and jojoba oil it helps prevent and heal infection naturally. Take your time. I use tapers and push it as far as it will go then I put a band behind the ear to push it slow. Usually overnight. One ear goes smoother than the other in my experience. Just don’t push it. LUBE LUBE LUBE. use a organic LUBE they sell them at most piercing shops or online. And good luck. Welcome to the wonderful world of body modification.

Foxy Funko

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