Plugs for Pups

A portion of each order will be donated to dogs in need.

A portion of your order will be donated to our friends at Pariah Dog located in Koh Samui Thailand.  We have been working with Pariah for 6 years now.  This small organization of volunteers has helped thousands of street dogs that roam about the island in Koh Samui.   They currently foster about 100 dogs which cost them $1,500 a month just for food.  Please help us support this great cause.


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I doubt your company hears it enough, no one does. I just wanted to say I appreciate your efforts to save and help foster these pups. I became vegetarian when I was 15, and have once saved a dog from being hit by a car. I literally jumped into oncoming traffic. Another time a dog fell out of an open air Jeep on a leash, I, again ran into traffic to lift him back in the cab. Another man charged in to assist me. I’m a cat guy, but dogs save lives, so I wanna help in any way. Thanks for th plugs and I’m excited to get my bonsai hangers.

Brandon Miller

How else can we help support your efforts to help these dogs. Can we donate directly as well. I would love more information.
And thank you so much for loving our beautiful kindred spirits.

Tatiana Wise

I already decided that I loved Two Featehr Plugs and now I love them even more.


I legitimately thought you guys were selling plugs to put in dogs ears when I saw the ad on fb and I was very concerned, I’m glad that wasn’t the case XD. Keep up the good work!


This means so much to me especially since my mum n I run a rescue for pups who have come to us in their worst to the pups who’ve been abandoned. Thank you


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