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Plugs for Pups

A portion of each order will be donated to dogs in need.

A portion of your order will be donated to our friends at Pariah Dog located in Koh Samui Thailand.  We have been working with Pariah for 6 years now.  This small organization of volunteers has helped thousands of street dogs that roam about the island in Koh Samui.   They currently foster about 100 dogs which cost them $1,500 a month just for food.  Please help us support this great cause.



  • I doubt your company hears it enough, no one does. I just wanted to say I appreciate your efforts to save and help foster these pups. I became vegetarian when I was 15, and have once saved a dog from being hit by a car. I literally jumped into oncoming traffic. Another time a dog fell out of an open air Jeep on a leash, I, again ran into traffic to lift him back in the cab. Another man charged in to assist me. I’m a cat guy, but dogs save lives, so I wanna help in any way. Thanks for th plugs and I’m excited to get my bonsai hangers.

    - Brandon Miller
  • How else can we help support your efforts to help these dogs. Can we donate directly as well. I would love more information.
    And thank you so much for loving our beautiful kindred spirits.

    - Tatiana Wise
  • I already decided that I loved Two Featehr Plugs and now I love them even more.

    - Amber
  • I legitimately thought you guys were selling plugs to put in dogs ears when I saw the ad on fb and I was very concerned, I’m glad that wasn’t the case XD. Keep up the good work!

    - Jensen
  • This means so much to me especially since my mum n I run a rescue for pups who have come to us in their worst to the pups who’ve been abandoned. Thank you

    - Voodooqueen69

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