What in your opinion for the best way to stretch your ears to the next size?

We are waiting to hear your story on what you think the best way is to stretch your ears to the next size.  

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  • Jaime

    Tapers for sure always go to your artist’s they usually know how to go the best route so you dont tare. My new piercer even makes her own solution for strechers and piercings! Its amazing!

  • Rose H

    I have found that using a stainless steel tunnel and electrical tape, works great and pretty fast too. No pain.

  • Jenna

    The way I did them and it was the best way for me to do it was I went and bought the taper kit they start out smaller at the point where you put them in your ears and when you push threw to the end they get a little bigger make sure you use some type of lube it will make them slide threw a little easier too don’t change then out too early either you.want to make sure your ears are completely healed from the stretching point you were just stretching them to to its best to wait them they don’t hurt anymore and also try not to play with them that much either as they can slow down the healing process if you would like to clean them as well you can always go to your local store and pick up some ear piercing cleaning kit as this will help them to not smell from all the dead skin cells being trapped with no place to go by them hope this helped and good luck:)

  • Megan

    I like to use spiral tapers

  • Amanda

    I use single flair steel tunnels with ptfe tape. 1-3 wraps around the straight part and wait for a week between adding more layers. Gage Gear oil at least once a day. And to help the process, pinch the tunnel between my finger and thumb and gently pull it away from my body a few times a day (don’t know if it helps, but I do it anyway). At the end of each week, take a shower or soak my ear in warm water and try a taper to see if my ear is ready.

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