What in your opinion for the best way to stretch your ears to the next size?

We are waiting to hear your story on what you think the best way is to stretch your ears to the next size.  

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  • Ashleigh

    Tapers and taking my time. I would get bad infections going too big, too fast.

  • Darleen

    I really loved big metal spirals and they weigh down enough to make it not painful or really noticable that you’re stretching your ears. I was definitely not shooting for a 0 gauge and had to stop wearing metal earrings so they wouldn’t keep stretching!

  • Valerie Dietz

    Take your time!! I got a stainless steel taper/tunnel kit and only stretched every 3 months or so. Use proper lube! Clean your hands and jewelry prior to your next stretch. Listen to your body. If you notice ANY signs of rejection or inflammation, DO NOT be afraid to temporarily back down to your previous size. Try again later once your ear has calmed down. Do it slow, do it right.

  • Corella Waring

    Bondage tape, it only sticks to itself and its antimicrobial (certain ones), its the safest as you can place one piece at a time over you plugs, every few days and experience ZERO pain and only mild discomfort as they are slowly stretched. I went from 1/2" – 7/8" in under a month by doing this every few days and i barely even noticed it.

  • Kalea

    I used metal tapers up to a size 0, and after that I used bondage tape from Spencer’s that worked amazingly!

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