What size are your stretched ears? and How long did it take you to get to your size?

We want to hear how long it took you to get to the size you wanted.  We always give the advice of taking your time and taking it slow, but please let us how long it took you.


  • Jennifer Asher Sr

    I stretched my ears to a size 00g, And it took me about six months to do it I did it slowly and the larger sizes I use that in between size gauges to stretch them. Also I think I would love my ears being stretched at the age of 50 considering that’s only four years away.

  • amy bartley

    I used stainless steel tapers, & I stretched slowly. I have stretched to size 00. It didn’t take that long. I feel that I was able to reach this size well w/in a year, but I am sure that depends on how long it takes yr ears to heal. Mine like to heal overnight! ;-)

  • Asha

    I took a year to stretch from 18g to 0g. I want to keep them smaller but still gauged so I can get away with it at work. I had to special order a 1 g to go from 2 to 0

  • Adie M

    My ears are currently stretched to a half inch I was double zero or 10 mm for 5 years, and then I decided to gauge up to fit some teardrops. I will either go up to a 13/14 mmmm later but I want to give my ears time.

  • Amy H.

    I’m currently at 0 it’s taken about a year. I had to gauge back down to a 2 for a bit but I’m back at it lol

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