Why did you want to stretch your ears?

why did you want to stretch your ears
There was a point where we all made the decision.  We would love to hear your story on why you first wanted to stretch your ears.
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When I was a kid… maybe 9 or 10, I really love National Geographic’s Magazine. I would spend all of my spare time looking through the pictures, trying to draw the animals and just day dreaming. Not so much reading the articles, the pictures were plenty for me at the time. I remember this one that featured some African Tribes with their traditional body modifications. I was so entranced and amazed that the human body could be molded like that, it was mind blowing for me. That was my definitely where my interest was peaked and it never went away.

Caren M Gibson

I love the looks you can achieve with stretched ears and feel they have more options for my aesthetic vs traditional earrings.


To honor my ancestors


Cuz I like the look


I’ve been getting piercings and tattoos over the years. I find stretched ears aesthetically pleasing on anyone, so I figured I’d do that too.


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