Why did you want to stretch your ears?

why did you want to stretch your ears
There was a point where we all made the decision.  We would love to hear your story on why you first wanted to stretch your ears.
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I am super allergic to most metals. I stretched my ears to wear silicone earskins so I can still wear all of the earrings I love plus all of the amazing plugs and hanging jewelry I’ve amassed.


I always had a problem wearing regular earrings, they just always seemed to get irritated, and I kinda just like the way they look.


I just like the way it looked


I just like the way it looked


I stretched my ears because I thought and still do think that they can be beautiful and elegant. I never really wore regular earrings because the dangly ones would hurt, which my stretched lobes, it more comfy.

Alexis Williamson

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