Proper Use of Shaped Plugs

Proper Use of Shaped Plugs

Wearing Triangles, Teardrops, Squares, Hearts or other uniquely shaped Plugs and Tunnels

Are they safe to wear?

We have been selling teardrops, diamonds, triangles, ovals, squares, hearts and other shaped plugs for quite some time.  We often get comments or questions about whether uniquely shaped plugs are safe to wear.  The answer is yes, but they are made to wear for short periods of time.

Everyone's ears are different and everyone's ears react differently.  The first thing to remember is just like any time you stretch your ear if there is any discomfort, stop and remove the plugs.

Do not wear shaped plugs for an extended amount of time.

We recommend that you wear nonround plugs for only short amounts of time.  Think of wearing your plugs for day use only.  Do not wear your plugs to bed.  Round plugs will distribute the pressure to all parts of your fistula.  When you wear non-round plugs you will start to develop pressure points over an extended period of time.  These pressure points will vary depending on the shape.  Oval and Teardrop plugs will cause the least amount of pressure points, while pointed shapes like diamonds and triangle plugs will cause a greater chance of pressure points.  The higher the chance of pressure points on your ear the more chances of a thinning or even tearing.  

You may have read stories from others saying that their ears have been torn or injured because of shaped plugs.  These are extreme circumstances.  The majority of the time the reason is not the plugs, but rather the person who keeps their plugs in too long.  You have stretched ears so you should know by now to be safe.  If something hurts or is not comfortable, take out your plugs.  We also strongly recommend not using shaped plugs to stretch your ears.

How do I insert and remove shaped plugs?

Shaped plugs should go in and out of your ear the same way as other round plugs.   Typical warm shower and a natural lubrication will help them slip in.  Never try to force them in.  If they hurt coming in and out then you have purchased the wrong size.

What size shaped plugs are the right size for me?

It is easy.  Our measurements are done so the size plugs you need are the same as regular round plugs.  So if you normally wear 00 gauge round plugs then you will need to purchase 00 gauge shaped plugs.

I know we have been sent a ton of photos of customers enjoying their shaped plugs, but would love to hear other comments on why they like or do not like shaped plugs.


  • Chelsea Binion

    I’ve ad stretched lobes for over 10 years, I am a size 5/8 or 16mm. I’ve worn shapes plugs and tunnels for about a year now. No need to size down at all. A 0g is a 0g no matter what shape it is. Sure it might be awkward to put in but it shouldn’t cause much discomfort or any. If it does you might have purchased a size too big or your skin doesnt like the material.

  • Tyler Miller

    I actually just purchased a pair of wooden 38mm teardrop plugs from you a week ago. The 38mm seams a little to big but I did manage to get them in. The tip of the teardrop gets pretty painful after about 3 to 4 hours. I’ve only ever wore stone teardrop plugs before so naturally they were heavier. I was surprised that the wooden ones were actually more painful to have in then the stone ones. That being said I still love the plugs I got and still plan to wear them but know to not leave them in for a whole day.

  • Sheryl

    I’m a 20 guage or 3/4, I want to wear heart guages sometimes, if worn occasionally say Tuesdays and Saturdays, and the rest of the week wear my round gauges, will the heart shape alter the fitting of my round gauges when I wear them, I wear the stone plugs in different colors.

  • Cody

    Cristine Beecroft, I had the same issue with teardrops, I was at 0 and ordered 0 but the would fit. I had to go to 00 to get them to fit. I believe with teardrops this is the case that you have to go a size lower due to their odd shape. I could be wrong but it worked for me and I ordered my teardrops from a reputable site.

  • Cristine Beecroft

    My plugs are a 00g n the tear drop plugs I bought are a 00g but they are a little bit difficult to get them in! Help?

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