Don't Call Them Gauged Ears!!!

Don't Call Them Gauged Ears!!!


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Are you new to the world of ear stretching?  If so, you'd better watch out.  There are a lot of A-holes in this world.  One of the biggest a-holes you will meet is the one that insists that you do not call plugs or tunnels "GAUGES".  They will explain to you how a gauge is a measurement or size used to measure your ear.  This by definition is very correct.

I feel that if you are new to this world of stretched ears one should welcome you with open arms.  You should be able to call them whatever you wish until you figure out the "correct" terms. Some people will continue to call them GAUGES and that is perfectly acceptable.  The truth is we all know what you are talking about. 

For some, calling plugs gauges is like nails on a chalkboard, but please do not be discouraged.  We have all been in your shoes.  My final thought is that the world of stretched ears needs to be more understanding and politely explain these things to our new members.  This place we call earth is filled with enough A-holes.


What do you prefer?  Do you refer to them as plugs or gauges?  Is it that big of a deal to you?  Please tell us your story by commenting below.


  • ba3ii_psycho

    im fairly new to the ear stretching community, i was talkimg with someone in a chat i complimented them on their gauged size he kindly told me it’s not prounced “guages” the proper term is : plugs . Now i know !! all this time i been calling mines gauges i just think it sounds better

  • Pete Kropotkin

    Seriously? This is a debate? “Gauges”, “plugs”, “spaceholders”, are we going to become so elitist that we’re going to belittle people who use terms we don’t agree with? get over it…

  • Liv

    I don’t think it makes someone an “A-hole” to let you know the correct way of saying something. That would be like saying someone is an “A-hole” for letting you know you’re pronouncing something wrong, or spelling something wrong. As someone else I read very eloquently put it, calling them gauges would be like calling the water you are drinking “ounces”, and yeah, that is incorrect. I’m not angry when I correct anyone, I just kindly let them know. “Hey, just so you know, that’s actually not what they’re called”. If someone is upset that you let them know the correct term, that’s their fault. There is nothing mean about letting someone know the correct terminology for something, that’s helping them.

  • Tyler

    I’ve got my lobes stretched to 1" and I still just call them earrings.

  • Easter

    I’ve had my ears stretched for 4 years. I alternate between “gauges” and “plugs” depending on what I’m talking about. Doesn’t really matter to me.

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