The Day my Mom found out I stretched my ears

The Day my Mom found out I stretched my ears

We are collecting stories of when your mom found out you have stretched your ears.  Please comment below.  Here's mine...

The day my mom finally realized I had stretched ears is a pretty funny story.  I first started to stretch my ears back in college.  I came from a small town in Ohio, and things like tattoos and stretched ears were not a common thing, and Mom is pretty conservative.

I started off small with a 12 gauge plug, but even then I felt uncomfortable being around my mom.  At this point it was easier because I was away at college, but it seemed that I was telling my mom "No" more and more any time she tried to plan anything.  By the time I first saw my mom it was winter and I was up to a 2 gauge plug.  The fact that I was always wearing a winter hat made things easier.  I remember my mom asking me if I wanted to take my hat off, and telling her I was fine.  

Later in the year I was at a 0 gauge plug and I knew it was time to finally show my mom.  I remember being nervous.  When she finally saw them, the look on her face was priceless, but her delayed reaction was one I never expected.  "I love those!!!"  My jaw dropped more than hers.  After sitting down and talking to her she confessed that she always found "those big earrings interesting".  I worried for nothing!

We are collecting stories of the first time your mom saw your stretched ears.  Please comment below and share.  

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