Top Comments People Make about Stretched Ears

Top Comments People Make about Stretched Ears

We are currently in the middle of collecting your best stories and questions of what strangers say to you about your stretched ears.  So if you have a good story please leave a comment on our page below.

Here are the more popular questions/ comments that everyone seems to get asked...

  1. Does stretching your ears hurt?
  2. How will you ever get a job with stretched ears?
  3. Are you in a band?
  4. Can I stick my finger through your ear?
  5. I wish I could stretch my ears.
  6. Do you think you will regret stretching your ears?
  7. What do your parents think of your stretched ears?


Please share your story by commenting here.

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I gotta say the “did it hurt” (duh) and “they will never be normal again” (pending methods stretched, yes they can be) are the top I hear and that annoy me. Currently at a 3/4" and have been doing this for 12 years now. No dermal punch, no tearing, no cutting, just slow and steady. Been up and down the guages a few times over the years.


“You used to be such a pretty girl” as if somehow I’m not still the same person…


Everyone asks “Are those real? Did you actually stretch your ears?”. And they also like to tell me “You would look so much better without those things in your ears!”.


I got told eww, you know your ears are going to stink now right. Or they’ll never be normal again


My mother once told me “no man will find you attractive with giant holes in your ears”
I told her “If a man only wants me for the way I look, then I’m with the wrong person” and that was the end of that.

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