12mm - (15/32") Plugs | Tunnels | Ear Weights

12mm Gauges

We have several 12mm gauges available for you to choose from.  We recommend always knowing your gauge size in millimeters.  Most 12mm plugs or gauges are carved or made using millimeters.  The manufacturer of the gauges than converts the plugs from mm to either gauge or inches.

Typically the size of your plugs does not matter until after you stretch your ears past 00 gauge or 10mm.  Once you hit half an inch you might hit a problem on what gauge size to order.  Do I order 12mm gauges or 13mm gauges?  The problem is every website has answered this question in a different way.  So if you get a "1/2 inch" plug from one website it does not match the "1/2 inch" size of another.  Every website has its own definition.  Some state 12mm plugs as 1/2" and some state 13mm as 1/2". 

Here is the true conversion for 12mm gauges.

  • 12.0mm = 0.472 inches 

  • 12.7mm = 0.5 inches = 1/2"

  • 13mm = 0.51 inches = 33/64" (FYI: 1/2" = 32/64")

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Are my 1/2" Plugs 12mm or 13mm?

Why should you buy 12mm gauges from Two Feather Plugs?

Why choose 12mm gauges from Two Feather Plugs?  Because we're not just selling gauges we're curating artwork for your stretched ears.  With a diverse range of materials, colors, and designs, our 12mm gauges let you express your vibe, whether you're feeling rock 'n' roll, lovey dovey, or somewhere in between. We make our 12mm plugs and tunnels with comfort in mind. So you will rest assure that these plugs are made with keeping your ears safe and secure. you do not have to take our word though. Check out our customer reviews.

So, slide into the 12mm gauged and let your lobes steal the show. These gauges are a celebration of your stretched ear journey, turning your ears into the life of the stretched ear party. We want to welcome you to our 12mm gauge community.  Let us know if you have any questions.

How do I know the Gauge Size of my Plugs or Tunnels?

The easiest way to know your gauge size of your plugs or tunnels is to measure your exiting plugs that you have. We recommend a caliper to measure your plugs. You can find a digital caliper for pretty cheap online. These are perfect to measure jewelry. If the plug is double flared plug make sure you measure the inside diameter and not the outside flare.

What Material 12mm gauges do you keep in stock?

Our 12mm plugs are very popular so we stock a lot of different materials in 12mm. We have a variety of materials. These include wood, stainless steel, stone, glass, bone, horn, and silicone. At 12mm we can carve a lot details into these plugs. For example the wood plugs are much more detailed the larger they get, but the wood plugs have a lot of details at 12mm. We have several materials to help you express your individuality.

What Styles do you make in 12mm plugs

We make a large variety of styles at 12mm for your stretched ears. For example we make plugs, tunnels, hangers, and ear weights. In the Two Feather Collection there are a lot of common shapes we sell in our plug designs such as teardrops, ovals, diamonds, squares, and hearts. Our teardrops in stainless steel are one of our most popular pairs in our 12mm collection. Any of these styles are perfect to add to your collection that express your individuality.

We are constantly making more 12mm designs.

If you do not see your 12mm gauges in stock we recommend using our "Email when back in stock" feature. When we make more of the out of stock design we automatically will email you when it is listed online and becomes back in stock. 12mm is one of the most common design so if you want to see a certain design made just email us at twofeatherinfo@gmail.com