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Crystal Wand Water Bottle- Natural Stone

Crystal Wand Water Bottle- Natural Stone

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These natural stone crystal wand water bottles are currently offered in Amethyst, Flourite, Rose Quartz, and Smokey Quartz.  The bottle is made of glass with stainless steel top and bottom, and a rubber grip pad at the base.  The bottle unscrews on the top and bottom for hand washing.  (See photo) . The wands are approximately 3.5" tall but sizes will vary.

There is a strap on the top and a black removable sleeve that provides some insulation and protection.  **These bottles are GLASS and will break if dropped.  Not Dishwasher or microwavable safe.  Do not fill with hot water.

* Height- 10"
* Diameter- 2.5"
* Wand- 3.5 (approximate)

Water carries vibration.  Each stone has unique properties:

Amethyst- healing, cleansing, spiritual awareness, protection against negative energies.

Flourite- cleanses computer/ electromagnetic stress, grounding, mental focus, connection to subconscious.

Rose Quartz- peace, unconditional love, connection with heart/ heart chakra, inner healing/ self love.

Smokey Quartz- grounding, focus in meditation, earth connection, stress release, detoxification.
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