Want to downsize? How did you reduce your gauge size?

I have never done it so we need our customers to help out.  How did you downsize your stretched ears?

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  • Kassi

    You just have to take them out and they’ll close up some depending on the size

  • Stephanie

    I took my plugs out, and took a hot shower. That usually helps a lot almost immediately. However, I know the longer I’ve had them stretched, the longer it takes for them to close up. I recently, (a couple months ago) took out my 0g and 2g plugs and let them close. my 0g are have only closed up to a 4g but I’ve had them for 10+ years, whereas my 2g which are closer to my cartilage and I very often let them close and stretch them again, they are smaller than a 10g currently.

  • Kat

    I’ve found the best way is to stop wearing plugs for a while. If your ears are stretched to a certain degree and you want to downsize to another pair, let your ears “rest” for a bit, and then, you’d find if you reached for your usual full size pair that it would be a little tough to fit, whereas a smaller pair would probably fit well. This isn’t an exact science or anything, but it’s worked for my boyfriend !

  • Duncan

    I got them caught on string hanging hemp plants in a barn. They got infected so I took them out. They shrunk from 44mms to 38mms

  • Kira

    I left my ear open and free of any jewelry for 1 whole year and brought it from a 9/16 to a 8g and now 2 years later its a 4g. Thats as small as it will get, but im ok with that.

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