Want to downsize? How did you reduce your gauge size?

I have never done it so we need our customers to help out.  How did you downsize your stretched ears?

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  • Hayley

    Being someone that has an ACTUAL gauge size (3/4”) the best and only way to do it is to size up to the next size above your ear size, leave it in for a couple hours, and then take them out and let them heal. Re exposing them to the healing process via up sizing accelerates and increases downsizing. ☺️

  • Kaley

    I would just take my plugs out and then slowly my ears would start to stretch back to the smaller size

  • kayla

    just take them out for a long period of time.

  • Katie

    All I had to do was take out my gauges for awhile, like 6 months and they downsized. I later went back up in size with no issues. So I went from 0g down to 8g and then back up to 0g

  • Clare

    I like reading these answers because I love the look but I’m still afraid there’s going to be some sort of professional backlash.

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