Tigers Eye Plugs and Tunels

Tigers Eye Gauged Plugs and Tunnels

Tigers Eye is one of the more popular stone we sell here at Two Feather Plugs.  The color is such a brilliant blend.  The color is typically a blend of yellow, brown, and black.  We source some of the best tigers eye to make for your plugs and tunnels.

What kind of Tigers Eye Plugs do you make?

Two Feather Plugs makes a wide variety of plug designs for your stretched ears.  We offer tunnels, ear weights, as well as variety of shapes.  Some of these shapes are teardrop and hearts.  These shapes add to the lovely look of the tigers eye. 

Tigers Eye Single flare and Double Flare Plugs

We offer both double flare and single flare plugs in tigers eye.  Most people start stretching their ears using single flare plugs.  These plugs have a one side that allows the plug to easily fit into your ears.  One side has a flare that keeps the plug in the ear while the other side is typically held in with a rubber oring.

A double flare plug will give you a more secure fit.  We typically see customers use this around 0 gauge some at 2 gauge.  These double flare plugs have around a 2 mm flare on both sides of the plugs that keep the plug secure in your ears.  There are some that have a little trouble while trying to get a double flare plug into their ears for the first time.  Click here for more information on how to Insert your Double Flare Plugs

What size Plugs are our Tigers Eye Plugs?

Tigers eye is available from 6 gauge / 4 mm (in single flare and double flare) all the way up to 25 mm / 1 inch (double flare).