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Dead Princess Glass Coffin Plugs - PH83

Dead Princess Glass Coffin Plugs - PH83

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Dead Princess Glass Coffin Plugs

These glamorous coffins are fit for the recently deceased princess.  May her sparkly soul rest in peace.  The Glass coffins shimmer between a purple and a bluish glow.  

We make these with your size in mind.  So if you have 0 gauge holes in your ears you would order 0 gauge coffin plugs.  

Diameters available...

  • 6 mm = 2 gauge
  • 8 mm = 0 gauge
  • 10 mm = 00 gauge
  • 12 mm = 15/32"
  • 14 mm = 9/16"
  • 16 mm = 5/8"
  • 19 mm = 3/4"
  • 22 mm = 7/8"
  • 24 mm = 15/16"
  • 25 mm = 1"
  • 26 mm = 1"
  • 28mm = 1 1/8"
  • 30mm = 1 1/6"

**If you are new to coffin plugs, they will feel different in your ears, unlike regular round plugs.  Please consider the outer flare depth when trying new odd shaped plugs for the first time.  It may be more of stretch getting them in.  You can contact us with any questions, or visit our FAQ page.

Product Details:

Material: Glass
Color: Blue/Purple
Cut: Double Flare
Type: Coffin

For more information:

How to get Teardrop Plugs, Coffins, and Saddles into your Stretched Ears.

Proper Use of Shaped Plugs

All shipments come from Orlando, FL.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Love these and surprisingly comfortable!

Christy Price

The purple coffins are very pretty.

Miranda Snow

I absolutely love how these look!

Pretty but not what I expected

These coffin shaped plugs are pretty, but they're not as reflective or iridescent as I had imaged. There's a weird film over the surface that I thought was oil or adhesive and tried to wash it off but it won't come off and leaves the surface not as smooth as it should be, and makes the color look muddled.


They’re a little wider in depth than I thought they would be but all around are very beautiful and I can’t wait to use them☺️