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Ice Blue Dragon Glass Plugs (Pair) - G013

Ice Blue Dragon Glass Plugs (Pair) - G013

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Frosted over for your stretched ears are these Ice Blue Dragon Glass plugs. These are made from glass and have a frosted finish for all your icy needs. Available in 8mm - 16mm.
Diameters and sizes available for the following gauged ears...

  • 8 mm = 0 gauge
  • 10 mm = 00 gauge
  • 12 mm = 15/32"
  • 14 mm = 9/16"
  • 16 mm = 5/8"

Product Details:

Material: Glass
Color: Blue
Cut: Double Flare
Type: Round

All Orders are shipped from Orlando

Please note that each plug is individually carved so there will be slight differences between each plug.

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