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Jasper Stretch Plugs (pair) - Double Flair Stone Jasper Plugs (Pair) - PH113

Jasper Stretch Plugs (pair) - Double Flair Stone Jasper Plugs (Pair) - PH113

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Jasper Plugs

The swamp thing is coming! The murky greens and blacks look just like the swamps we have down here in Florida. These plugs are carved from crocodile jasper. They are for stretched ears from 5mm - 25mm. 

These Green Jasper Plugs are double flare with a 2mm flare.  They fit snuggly in your stretched ears.  We want your ears to stay comfortable and these stone plugs are a perfect fit.

These Green Crocodile Jasper plugs are a great look and give your ears a bit of an eerie look.  We currently have the following sizes avaialble.

Diameters available...

  • 5 mm = 4 gauge
  • 6 mm = 2 gauge
  • 8 mm = 0 gauge
  • 10 mm = 00 gauge
  • 12 mm = 15/32"
  • 14 mm = 9/16"
  • 16 mm = 5/8"
  • 19 mm = 3/4"
  • 22 mm = 7/8"
  • 25 mm = 1"

Product Details:

Material: Jasper
Color: Green, Black
Cut: Double Flare
Type: Round

Why Buy from Two Feather Plugs

Two Feather Plugs wants you to be happy with all of our plugs that we make.  We guarantee that you will LOVE these green jasper plugs.  If you have any questions about gauge sizing or what pair of plugs you should buy please email us at 

All shipments come form Orlando, FL

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Customer Reviews

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Timm Aguilar

Amazing colors and perfect fits and great quality


Good quality plugs!


Love the coloring and the quality of the stone.