Shell Puzzle Wood Box - Plug Gift Box

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Make great gift boxes for plugs...

Depending on the size of your plugs the angel box will fit approximately the following amount of round plugs per size...

  • If 10mm (00g) plugs = fits about 12 pairs
  • If 16mm (5/8") plugs = fits about 6 pairs
  • If 25mm (1") plugs = fits about 2 pairs

Keep your "little secrets" in our little mystery wood boxes. Our handmade puzzle boxes are fun and are popular gifts.  Each wooden box must be opened and closed in a certain order.

Available in a variety of designs.

Outside Dimensions
Length- 4.5"
Width- 3"
Height- 2"

Please note- Each piece is individually carved by hand.  No two are exactly alike.  Slight variances might occur in size and wood color.