Sleeping Buddha Puzzle Box

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Make great gift boxes for plugs...

Depending on the size of your plugs the angel box will fit approximately the following amount of round plugs per size...

  • If 10mm (00g) plugs = fits about 12 pairs
  • If 16mm (5/8") plugs = fits about 6 pairs
  • If 25mm (1") plugs = fits about 2 pairs

Keep your "little secrets" in our little mystery wood boxes. Our hand made puzzle boxes are fun and are popular gifts.  Each wooden box must be opened and closed in a certain order.

Available in a variety of designs.

Outside Dimensions:
Length- 4.75"
Width- 3.25"
Height- 2.5"

Please note- Each piece is individually carved by hand.  No two are exactly alike.  Slight variances might occur in size and wood color.