Have you ever had any issues stretching your ears?

We know stretching your ears do not always go perfectly.  Please share your story on what went wrong so others do not do the same.
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Infection from stretching too fast 😔


So I was trying to go from a 2g to a 00g one night while drunk. It wasn’t a pretty sight. My friend tried pushing the taper through and she was like girl your ear is bleeding you want me to stop? And I was sitting there grittin my teeth cause it was hurting really bad. Needles to say I backed the taper out saw the blood and vomited. It was not a good night.


Back during my drinking days, I decided to go up a size while super drunk with none other than silicone plugs 🤦🏽‍♀️ The next morning, I was wanting to wash the hangover away with a shower .. my left ear was throbbing so I wanted to alleviate the pressure by taking the gauge out .. a very warm stream of blood poured out of my torn ear lobe and I couldn’t wear gauges for a little over a year .. it was an ugly/painful healing process. Something I have made sure to never repeat again !


I’ve always had trouble stretching my ears they can be super sensitive. My friend talks smack cause I use the tape technique but the safer the better plus she says my ear holes looks better then hers <3


Omg! Yes! I’m having an issue now, I cant get passed size 00g. I will be looking up easy safe methods again soon 😁

Samantha Yevette Garza

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