How much can you stretch your ears before they will not grow back to "normal"?

I personally have not let my ears close. So I do not know the answer.  I always tell people 00g is a safe bet, but we want to hear what you have heard is the "point of no return?" 

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  • Amber Duttry

    00g went back to about a 12g for me. I’m currently re-stretching back to a 00g. :)

  • Michael DeFren

    00 usuually will close over time. I have 00 and they closed to a normail pierceing in a month and a half. It sounds crazy but if your ear smells. that means its healing. After a certain point the healing goes from healing the hole, to the skin almost fully dieing

  • Stephanney salazar

    I went up to 1/2 and my ears went back to normal I’m currently re stretching

  • Nathan

    My lobes were almost 2in, i got a thin spot on one side so i left them out after that. Im not even sure i could get a 5/8ths in now

  • Jessica

    It was 00g for me. My ears are about a 4g now.

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