What is your advice on how to keep your stretched ears from getting infected?

Make sure you take your time and do things correctly while stretching your ears.  Please let us know your best advice on how you kept your ears from getting infected while stretching your ears.

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  • Rose H

    Go slow and take your time.if the taper or stretcher doesn’t fit, don’t force it. By doing so, will increase the chances of having a blow out. If your lobes bleed, even a little, hydrogen peroxide worked for me..stopped the bleeding immediately. Also find a good stretch cream, one that has natural ingredients…such as Johoba oil and or tea tree oil

  • Elizabeth Gardiepy

    Stretch slowly, soak lobes in salt water, and keep them clean.

  • Heidi

    Personally, I went very slow. Like one mm at a time slow. I also clean them regularly and usually stick to stone, glass, or surgical steel when stretching.

  • Petra

    antibacterial soap → let naturally dry → antibacterial soap on your plugs/tunnels/hangers (if applicable) and then mint cream. or olive oil. or coconut oil. but only a little amount :) dry → insert your jewelery. repeat two-three times a week.

  • Taylor

    Antibacterial soap

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