Jasper Plugs and Tunnels

Jasper Gauged Plugs and Tunnels

Jasper is one of the more popular stones we sell here at Two Feather Plugs.  From our popular green jasper to our wide variety of red jasper.  We have several types of jasper to choose from.  

Jasper Plug Style

Two Feather Plugs sells several styles of jasper.  One of our most popular red jasper are our coffin design.  These coffins are sized to fit into the same gauge size of your regular round plugs.  The coffin shape is a unique look for your ears and the red makes the shape pop out in your ears.  They are an eye catcher.

Red Jasper Plugs

Red jasper is by far the most popular out of our jasper plugs.  The variation of red that is in this stone is so colorful.  I always love the contrast if you are a person who typically wears black clothing or has dark hair.  It is a great look.  Our heart shaped plugs give a bit of love while our coffins can keep a little darker look to you.

Single Flare and Double Flare Jasper Plugs

When it comes to Jasper we sell both single flare and double flare plugs.  Most people start off with single flare plugs as they are easier to use when first stretching your ears.  Later in the larger gauge sizes customers tend to lean towards using double flare plugs.  Both these styles are available in Jasper