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Rose Quartz Teardrop Plugs - Double Flared Stone Plugs (Pair) - PH115

Rose Quartz Teardrop Plugs - Double Flared Stone Plugs (Pair) - PH115

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Rose quartz, the stone of love. This material is simple and stunning no matter the cut. The teardrop shape adds a bit of elegance to your everyday wear. This rose quartz teardrop design is available from 5mm - 40mm.
Diameters and sizes available...

  • 5mm(4g):     width:5mm - length:7mm
  • 6mm(2g):   width:6mm - length:8mm
  • 8mm(0g):    width:7mm - length:10mm
  • 10mm(00g):   width:8mm - length:12mm
  • 11mm(7/16"): width:9mm - length:13.5mm
  • 12mm(15/32 inch):  width:10mm - length:15mm
  • 14mm(9/16 inch):   width:12mm - length:16mm
  • 16mm(5/8 inch):  width:13mm - length:18mm
  • 19mm(3/4 inch):   width:16mm - length:21mm
  • 22mm(7/8 inch):   width:19mm - length:25mm
  • 25mm(1 inch):  width:21mm - length:29mm

Product Details:

Material: Rose Quartz
Color: Pink
Cut: Double Flare
Type: Teardrop

For more information:

How to get Teardrop Plugs, Coffins, and Saddles into your Stretched Ears.

Healing Stone Plugs


All plugs sold in pairs.  We ship all of our lovely plugs from Orlando, Florida.  Part of each order goes to our local charities here in Orlando.

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      Anna Brubaker

      Super cute, can’t wait to wear them!