Do you ever feel judged for having stretched ear?

I used to feel this but eventually got over it.  No need to hear my story we want to hear yours.

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  • Holly

    I’m from a small, beef and potatoes type redneck town. Beimv vegan, tattooed, stretched ears, and blue hair I get stared at, laughed at, made fun of, etc all the time. I constantly get told how hard I have made being in this world because of my appearance. I dont really care anymore. It is my life. I like how I look.

  • Nicole SaxonFrye

    Yes, I definitely will… because two feathers has so many beautiful options to get me through the years.

  • LisaStarChild

    Hi there! I used to, coming from a small town (>2,000) but I’m okay with it now. I’m an Iraq Veteran so it wasn’t expected of me where I come from. I love my ears though. I’m at 18/19mm., and I eventually hope to get up to 1 inch…but I’m waiting a bit. I originally gauged up to 1/2 inch a little over 10 years ago. It was less accepted then. I went down to 00g then back up now to where I’m at. Yes, I felt judged, but now I get compliments more than anything!

  • Roberta DeVurgos

    I never feel judged for having my ears stretched. Granted, they are only 14mm. But I absolutely love them

  • Alysia

    Yes my family and some friends judge my ears. I also have a side shave and my family judges that. Surprisingly, I get sooooo many compliments from complete strangers! And I always compliment stretched ears and awesome hair too 👌🏽 Be kind kids.

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