Do you ever feel judged for having stretched ear?

I used to feel this but eventually got over it.  No need to hear my story we want to hear yours.

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  • Fran

    No, never have because I do me and could care less what anyone else thinks. (I do notice people’s eyes focused in on my ears sometimes…I just tilt my head a little like, “yeah…my eyes are over here”. Lol

  • Marla Singer

    Only by my mom. But she still loves me. c:

  • Story

    At first, I think because I was only 13 when I started, I was being more judged. But the older I get the less I get judged. I find it also makes a difference what plugs/tunnels I have in. When I have my amethyst plugs they just tell me they’re pretty. When I have my steel tunnels in they tend to be more rude. Something I find very odd though, is that being a CNA working in retirement homes, I am judged far less than when I’m working with people under 50yrs. My residents who are all 65+ years old all love my stretched ears. It’s their children who judge me more.

  • Kaitlyn

    Yes, literally my boss talks about putting padlocks on my ears

  • Kiara

    Yes, I’ve been judged by family, coworkers, and random people passing by me. The first thing I get asked by them is always, “Is that a hole in your ear?!” Then followed by “Take it out, I wanna see how big it is!” Some call me crazy, others will just say if that’s what I like then it’s none of their business why I did it. I’ve never had anyone become aggressive over it but, I’ve had people question my mental health! I just laugh it off and tell them to have a good day.

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