Have you ever had any issues stretching your ears?

We know stretching your ears do not always go perfectly.  Please share your story on what went wrong so others do not do the same.


  • Katelyn

    I went from 0 to 00 and made a royal mess out of my ears they got infected I had to take out the plugs all together they still healing and a lot of the stretch is gone like they have shrank back down to when I first started gauging and they are hewing very slowly in the inside

  • Jackie Olson

    No issues, but a lot if pain sometimes

  • Kam

    I had a minor blow out going from 0g to 00g. I had to wait a month or so before I could attempt stretching again and it was much easier the second time around

  • Tiffany

    I’m having issues stretching my ears now. Im at 12mm.. but I cant seem to jump to 14mm. I’ve used ear butter, but it didnt help. I think I might try tape next. Any suggestions would be awesome, Thanks :)

  • Ashley

    When I first started stretching, my ears were so sensitive and I had one really bad blow out.. But once I stretched up a few more sizes, my ears got used to the stretching and now I have no issues!

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