Why did you want to stretch your ears?

why did you want to stretch your ears
There was a point where we all made the decision.  We would love to hear your story on why you first wanted to stretch your ears.
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  • Vanessa moore

    I like the style, the way they make your ears look. So much fun jewelry.

  • Brian Findley

    So I have always like the look. And I was having a bad day and couldn’t go get ink so I said let’s do the ears.

  • Christine

    I decided to stretch my ears, because I’m allergic to nearly every metal I put in my ears, they’d swell, itch, turn red, or a variation. Wooden, plastic, or glass gauges don’t have a reaction to my ears. I love getting to wear cute gauges!

  • Samantha

    I love the look and love that it represents patience in other cultures

  • Heidi

    I have always loved the look of stretched ears.

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